How Would I Breach Your Company - #1

(if I was a cyber criminal)

I go to a cafe that doesn't have free WiFi. I setup some portable hardware and software to broadcast a WiFi hotspot with the cafe name. It's an open network, so no password required, and no encryption.

People come to the cafe. Maybe they're by themselves, maybe they're waiting for someone, maybe it's a group of young adults who think a coffee meeting is all about texting each other.

They see the wifi hotspot, and connect to it. Wow, so convenient, straight on, no webpage signup! I can now capture their Internet communications. Usernames, passwords, thanks for that!

That's one way free public WiFi can easily be hacked. There are a few others too. Still want to use public WiFi? Especially with work devices?

Use your phones hotspot. Don't be a tightwad, get more data if you need it. Give it a long crappy password. Make sure only 1 person can connect to it at one time. Ensure it's encrypted.

Happy cafe browsing!

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