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The idea for Web Safe Staff was conceived by Mike Ouwerkerk in 2015 when he was operating as a Virtual CIO (on-demand IT executive). Many of his clients were paying high IT support costs to resolve issues with computer malware, and it was glaringly obvious to Mike that the core issue was untrained staff. So he developed a rudimentary awarenesss course for them, and they were amazed by how much they didn't know about IT security when they thought they knew a lot. The outcome was that their cyber security issues dropped to near zero - an amazing result!

Since then the content has been continuously refined, and Web Safe Staff was formally established in January 2018. The initial face to face delivery method which proved to be so successful has been retained, and is a core component of our success simply because it allows sessions to be fun and interactive, and drives engagement and learning through questions and story telling.

Web Safe Staff is now a trusted provider of onsite face to face cyber security awareness training for small to medium business across any industry, in both Australia and New Zealand.

Executive Team

Mike Ouwerkerk

Mike OuwerkerkMike is the founder of Web Safe Staff. and drives both content development and training outcomes for clients. He's been in IT since the mid 90's with roles in technical support, server admin, Management, consulting, and training, and has worked in multiple countries for large corporations like the British Broadcasting Corporation, Ernst & Young, and AT&T. His relaxed and humorous style is what brought Web Safe Staff to life, and it's his goal to ensure that this continues to thrive in our training environments.

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